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Chemical design of self-propelled Janus droplets

C. H. Meredith, A. Castonguay, Y-J. Chiu, A. M. Brooks, P. Moerman, P. Torab, P. K. Wong, A. Sen, D. Velegol, L. D. Zarzar*. preprint

Interfacially-adsorbed particles enhance the self-propulsion of oil droplets in aqueous surfactant

S. Cheon, L. Batista Capaverde Silva, A. Khair, L. D. Zarzar*

Reconfigurable complex emulsions: Design, properties, and applications

R. V. Balaj, L. D. Zarzar*, Chemical Physics Reviews 2020.

Predator-prey interactions between droplets driven by nonreciprocal oil exchange

C. H. Meredith, P. G. Moerman, J. Groenewold, Y. Chiu, W. K. Kegel, A. van Blaaderen, L. D. Zarzar*. Nature Chemistry 2020.

PSU News, News & Views, Physics Today

Green synthesis of Zr-based metal-organic framework hydrogel composites and their enhanced adsorptive properties

S. E. Klein, J. D. Sosa, A. C. Castonguay, W. L. Flores, L. D. Zarzar*, Y. Liu*. Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 2020.

Tunable and responsive structural color from polymeric microstructured surfaces enabled by interference of totally internally reflected light

A. E. Goodling, S. Nagelberg, M. Kolle, L. D. Zarzar*, ACS Materials Letters, 2020.

Particle stabilization of oil–fluorocarbon interfaces and effects on multiphase oil‐in‐water complex emulsion morphology and reconfigurability

S. Cheon, L. Batista Capaverde Silva, R. Ditzler, L. D. Zarzar*, Langmuir, 2020.

Microfluidic deformability activated sorting of single particles

G. Choi, R. Nouri, L. D. Zarzar, W. Guan*, Microsystems & Nanoengineering 2020, 6, 1-9.

Polyelectrolyte hydrogel capsules as stabilizers for reconfigurable complex emulsions

R. V. Balaj, S. Cho, P. Singh, L. D. Zarzar*, Polymer Chemistry 2020, 11,  281-286.

Direct laser writing from aqueous precursors for nano to microscale topographical control, integration, and synthesis of nanocrystalline mixed metal oxides

C. Kindle, A. Castonguay, S. McGee, J. Tomko, P. E. Hopkins, L. D. Zarzar*, ACS Applied Nano Materials 2019, 2, 2581-2586.

Colouration by total internal reflection and interference at microscale concave interfaces

A. E. Goodling, S. Nagelberg, B. Kaehr, C. H. Meredith, S. Cheon, A. P. Saunders, M. Kolle, L. D. Zarzar*, Nature 2019, 566, 523–527.

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Optical visualization and quantification of enzyme activity using dynamic droplet lenses

L. D. Zarzar, J. A. Kalow, X. He, J. J. Walish, T. M. Swager, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2017, 114, 3821-3825.

Photothermally triggered actuation of hybrid materials as a new platform for in vitro cell manipulation

A. Sutton, T. Shirman, J. V. I. Timonen, G. T. England, P. Kim, M. Kolle, T. Ferrante, L. D. Zarzar, E. Strong, J. Aizenberg, Nature Communications 2017, 8, 14700.

Reconfigurable and responsive droplet-based compound micro-lenses

S. Nagelberg, L. D. Zarzar, N. Nicolas, K. Subramanian, J. A. Kalow, V. Sresht, D. Blankschtein, G. Barbastathis, M. Kreysing, T. M. Swager, M. Kolle, Nature Communications 2017, 8, 14673.

Interfacial polymerization on dynamic complex colloids: creating stabilized Janus droplets

Y. He, S. Savagatrup, L. D. Zarzar, T. M. Swager, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2017, 9, 7804-7811.

Using laser-induced thermal voxels to pattern diverse materials at the solid–liquid interface

L. D. Zarzar*, B. S. Swartzentruber, B. F. Donovan, P. E. Hopkins, B. Kaehr*, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8, 21134-21139.

Dynamically reconfigurable complex emulsions via tunable interfacial tensions

L. D. Zarzar, V. Sresht, E. M. Sletten, J. A. Kalow, D. Blankschtein, T. M. Swager, Nature 2015, 518, 520-524.

Developmentally-inspired shrink-wrap polymers for mechanical induction of tissue differentiation

B. Hashmi, L. D. Zarzar, T. Mammoto, A. Mammoto, A. Jiang, J. Aizenberg, D. E. Ingber, Advanced Materials 2014, 26, 3253-3257.

Stimuli-responsive chemo-mechanical actuation: a hybrid materials approach

L. D. Zarzar, J. Aizenberg, Accounts of Chemical Research 2014, 47, 530-539.

Chemo-mechanically regulated oscillation of an enzymatic reaction

X. He, R. Friedlander, L. D. Zarzar, J. Aizenberg, Chemistry of Materials 2013, 25, 521-523.

Multifunctional actuation systems responding to chemical gradients

L. D. Zarzar, Q. Liu, X. He, Y. Hu, Z. Suo, J. Aizenberg, Soft Matter 2012, 8, 8289-8293.

Synthetic homeostatic materials with chemo- mechano-chemical self-regulation

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Multiphoton lithography of nanocrystalline platinum and palladium for site-specific catalysis in 3D microenvironments

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Structural transformation by electrodeposition on patterned substrates (STEPS): a new versatile nanofabrication method

P. Kim, A. K Epstein, M. Khan, L. D. Zarzar, D. J. Lipomi, G. M. Whitesides, J. Aizenberg, Nano Letters 2012, 12, 527-533.

Direct writing and actuation of 3D-patterned hydrogel pads on micropillar supports

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Hydrogel-actuated integrated responsive systems (HAIRS): moving towards adaptive materials

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Bio-inspired design of submerged hydrogel-actuated polymer microstructures operating in response to pH

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Microbristle in gels: toward all-polymer reconfigurable hybrid surfaces

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